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Motorcoach Operators

Arrow Stage Lines is seeking qualified candidates to become Motorcoach Operators for one of America’s largest privately-owned tour & charter bus companies. We offer:

– Competitive Wages – Opportunity for advancement – Group Health Insurance – 401K Program

To be a candidate, you must:

– Be 25 years of age or older – Meet federal physical requirements – Pass the required drug, alcohol & back screening tests – Possess a Commercial Drivers License with a “P” endorsement – Possess a clean driving record. We will check your driving record thoroughly! – Successfully complete the prescribed Motorcoach Operator Training – Have a minimum of 2 years (CDL-P) driving experience

Driving for Arrow Stage Lines is an excellent career opportunity. Please fill out the necessary information on the form below. If you meet all of the requirements outlined above, our Director of Safety or other company representative will contact you by telephone, US mail, or e-mail.

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 Full-time driving opportunity Part-time driving opportunity

 I am 25 years of age or older

 I have a CDL with a "P" endorsement

 I have had a clean driving record for the past 3 years

 I have a minimum of 2 years(CDL-P) driving experience

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Arrow Stage Lines offers you the opportunity to find rewarding employment as a valued member of the community.